19th/20th/21st July 2024

Bretford Village Hall, CV23 0JZ

Spitz Breed Clubs

Spitz in the Park was designed to share a love of spitz breeds but is open to ALL breeds. Useful breed contacts below:

Akita Association www.akita-association.org
Akita Club of Scotland www.akitaclubofscotland.co.uk
Akita Club of Wales
Alaskan Malamute
Alaskan Malaute Club of UK www.alaskanmalamute.org.uk
Basenji Club of GB www.basenjiclubofgb.org
Basenji Owners & Breeders Association www.Basenji-org.net
Northern Basenji Society www.northernbasenji.org.uk
Canaan Dog
Canaan Dog Club of UK www.canaandogclub.co.uk
British Canaan Dog Society www.canaandog.co.uk
Canadian Eskimo Dog
Canadian Eskimo Dog Club of GB www.canadianeskimodogclub.com
Chow Chow
Chow Chow Club www.thechowchowclub.co.uk
Chow Chow Club of Scotland www.chowchowclubofscotland.com
Chow Chow Club of Wales www.thechowchowclubofwales.com
Midland Chow Chow Club www.midlandchowchowclub.com
National Chow Chow Club www.nationalchowchowclub.com
North Eastern Chow Chow Club www.northeasternchowchowclub.com
Northern Counties Chow Chow Club www.northerncountieschowchowclub.co.uk
Ulster Chow Chow Club www.theulsterchowchowclub.webs.com/
West of England Chow Chow Club
Eurasier Society www.eurasiersociety.org.uk
Southern Eurasier Association www.southerneurasierassociation.co.uk (proposed)
UK Eurasier Club https://www.facebook.com/Eurasierclub/ 
Finnish Lapphund
Finnish Lapphund Club of GB www.finnishlapphund-club.co.uk
Southern Finnish Lapphund Society www.sfls.org.uk
Finnish Spitz
Finnish Spitz Club www.finnishspitzclub.com
Finnish Spitz Society www.finnishspitzsociety.co.uk
German Spitz
German Spitz Breeders & Owners Club www.gsboc.co.uk
German Spitz Club of GB www.germanspitzclubofgreatbritain.com
Greenland Dog
Greenland Dog Club of GB www.greenlanddogclub.co.uk
Japanese Akita Inu
Japanese Akita Inu Club www.japaneseakitainu.co.uk
Japanese Shiba Inu
Association of Japanese Shiba Inu www.shibainuuk.com
Japanese Shiba Inu Club of GB www.japaneseshibainuclubofgb.com
Japanese Spitz
Japanese Spitz Club www.thejapanesespitz.co.uk
Northern Japanese Spitz Club www.northernjapanesespitzclub.co.uk
Keeshond Club www.thekeeshondclub.org.uk
North of England Keeshond Club www.north-of-england-keeshond-club.co.uk
Norwegian Buhund
Norwegian Buhund Club norwegianbuhund.org.uk
Norwegian Elkhound
Norwegian Elkhound Club of GB www.necgb.co.uk
Norwegian Elkhound Association of Scotland
Pomeranian Club www.thepomeranianclubuk.weebly.com
Northern Pomeranian Club www.northernpomeranianclub.co.uk
Pomeranian Club of South Wales www.pomeranianclubofsouthwales.webs.com
Scottish Pomeranian Club www.scottishpomeranian.co.uk/
South of England Pomeranian Club www.southofenglandpomeranianclub.co.uk
Pomeranian club of Northern Ireland
British Samoyed Club www.british-samoyed-club.co.uk
Northern Samoyed Society www.northern-samoyed-society.co.uk
Samoyed Association www.thesamoyedassociation.co.uk
Samoyed Breeders & Owners Club www.samoyed-sbol.co.uk
Schipperke Club www.schipperkeclub.co.uk
Siberian Husky
Siberian Husky Club of GB www.siberianhuskyclub.org.uk
Scottish Siberian Husky Club www.scottishhc.org.uk
Swedish Lapphund
Swedish Vallhund
Swedish Vallhund Society www.swedishvallhunds.co.uk
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